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Hi! This is the personal website of me, John R. Harness, a.k.a. cartweel. I'm a writer, game designer, independent curator, language creator, art collector, and critic. I'm slowly migrating information from my page, but my goal is for this website to become a place for me to collect and organize my various online projects. Like many people, I am less and less involved in Twitter, but you can still check out my Twitter account if you really want.

TTRPG Web Portal

A buncha links! Wow! Network Effect!

TTRPG Webring (Updated!)

A collection of ttrpg folks!

Knucklebone Magazine

Critical writing on TTRPGs.

One of my abiding interests is in arts and political infrastructure, by which I mean platforms, spaces, commons, and divesting from the museum-industrial-scam. More on those thoughts to come. What I want to say is that several of my projects (many very in progress) are my attempts at creating new arts infrastructure through magazines, alternative arts spaces, and toolkits. Two such new projects are my TTRPG webring! and this attempt to build a ttrpg design web portal/resource.

Email Me!

For inquiries about writing or design gigs, feel free to email me at cartweel [at] (n.b. There is no "h" in cartweel!).

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Knucklebone Magazine

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